January 21, 2020: Conversation with Chana Porter at Brooklyn’s POWERHOUSE Arena

On January 21, 2020 at 7pm EST at Brooklyn’s Powerhouse Arena, I’ll be discussing Chana Porter’s debut novel The Seep with the author. Refreshments will be served. An audience Q&A and a signing with the author will follow. Here’s more about the book:

“It began with the end of the world—with the gentlest invasion. By the time it was all said and done, The Seep had solved all of the world’s problems. Money had become obsolete. No scarcity. No war. The poisoned land, water, and air were healed. Illness could be immediately cured—cancer eradicated with the wave of a medical-grade Seep wand, cells made healthy and whole again. Death became optional, as did humans’ corporeal form. With Seep modifications, people may have scales, scratchy cat tongues, retractable claws, bejeweled foreheads, or hooves. They may opt to take on the appearance of another. They may look eternally youthful. Anything is possible, but not everyone is on board with this brave new world.”

Please join me!

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